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Danielle Calder (she/her)

LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Phone Number: (619) 363- 6511

I help people where religion and mental health intersect. 

Whether you stay in or leave religion or land somewhere in between, the most important thing is that you heal from any aspect of your religious experience that has caused harm. 


I offer in person and virtual individual therapy sessions to people who live in California. In person sessions are offered in San Marcos, CA. 

I often treat people with:

-Religious Traumatic Syndrome
-Purity culture, mission trauma
-Faith transitions
-Cognitive dissonance
-Differentiation from religion of origin and family of origin
-Values work + rebuilding identity
-Co-occuring mental health and relationship challenges including eating disorders

My Approach: 

Using a trauma informed approach I help you heal from your past and discover your most authentic self so that you can build a life on your terms. 

I pull from multiple modalities and often utilize CBT, DBT skills, values work, and parts work. I am LGBTQ + affirming and am body positive.

After an assessment we'll create a treatment plan together to address your most pressing needs and will get to the healing!

Out of State:

I offer virtual and in person coaching to people regardless of where they live. With coaching I can not diagnose or treat a clinical mental health disorder but I can help in other areas such as navigating a faith transition, cultivating authenticity, and helping you live a values based life. 

To learn more about coaching email:
Green Leaf
My approach

Contact Me

Danielle Calder, LCSW

Phone Number: (619) 363- 6511
If you are interested in becoming a patient please email me and include your name, contact information, and a brief explanation of why you are seeking therapy.
I will contact you to set up a free phone consultation prior to scheduling our first session. 
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